Judicial Review of EU Authorisation of Genetically Engineered Soybeans with Stacked Genes (MON 87701 x MON 89788)

 The Grounds upon which Testbiotech, ENSSER, and Sambucus challenge the Commission’s decision are, in summary: Ground A: EFSA’s assessment that the Soybean is ‘substantially equivalent’ to its appropriate comparators is unlawful, is based on a scientific assessment which was not carried out in accordance …

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Congress on Risks for Public Health & the Environment

Time for Convergence in European Technology Assessment and Risk Assessment May 16-18, 2012 – Madrid/Spain – Complutense University Co-organisers: ENSSER, EEA, Fundación Vivosano/Health Defense Organisation, Cátedra Universidad-Empresa-Sindicato: Trabajo, Ambiente y Salud   May 16 (13:30) – Opening Prof. Emilio Mínguez Torres, Vice-Rector, Technical University …

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