Analysis statement by ENSSER on the EU Commission’s new GM proposal. Here for Annex 1 on NGT “equivalence criteria”

Analysis statement by ENSSER (European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility) on the EU Commission’s new GM proposal
Here for Annex 1 on NGT “equivalence criteria”

The EU Commission’s proposal is scientifically unacceptable, removes the provisions of the precautionary principle and puts the public and environment at risk. Critical scientific expertise and its supporting scientific evidence was completely ignored. The proposal follows exclusively the guidance and assertions of the public and private biotechnology sector – and is therefore to be classified as one-sided. In the following, we briefly explain why this is so – with scientific reasoning and evidence. We focus on the Annex I only, for now.

Please find the full analysis statement of ENSSER in the attachment below.

NOTE: This analysis statement was originally made on the leaked version of the EC proposal but has been updated to account for the small changes between the leaked and final versions of the EC proposal.