The pandemic and the « techno-fix »

Abstract: The current pandemic was an announced possibility. Its possible causes were known: destroyed ecosystem niches, declining biological diversity, intensive farming, abuse of genetic and biologic manipulations. This paper deals with some aspects of the biological (and social) history of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic but also with the history of previous epidemics, including the AIDS epidemics, which all have in common to be highly linked, enhanced or even the result of human activities. But now, the myth is setting in that an innovative technique for fast production of vaccines is the only AND SUFFICIENT response to the crisis in the ecosystem and in health structures, of which this pandemic is a symptom. Anti-scientific approaches to the ecosystem and human biology are feeding the idea that the natural world may be resilient indefinitely. This is unfortunately not the case and this article calls for a critical thinking about the technosphere and its limits as well as for new frameworks of biology, medicine and culture.

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The article “The pandemic and the « techno-fix »” is based on the following articles in French and Italian:

La pandémie était une éventualité annoncée. Ses causes possibles étaient connues : niches écosystémiques détruites, diversité biologique en baisse, abus de manipulations génétiques. Mais désormais, le mythe s’installe que une innovante technique vaccinale constitue la seule réponse à donner à la crise de l’écosystème et des structures de santé, dont cette pandémie est un symptôme.

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