Advancing the Understanding of Biosafety Social Sustainability and Biological Safety

Scientific Findings, Policy Reactions & Public Participation

Co-organisers: Third World Network (TWN); Federation of German Scientists (Vereinigung Deutscher Wissenschaftler, VDW)

Endorsed by: European Environment Agency (EEA), International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility (INES), Unión de Científicos Comprometidos con la Sociedad (UCCS)

Financial support by: EMstitut, Germany; Fondation pour le Progrès de l’Homme (FPH), France; GLS Bank, Germany; Manfred Hermsen Stiftung (MHS), Germany; Japan Citizens’ Network for Planet Diversity (JCNPD), Japan; Software AG Stiftung (SAGST), Germany; Third World Network (TWN), Malaysia; Zukunftsstiftung Landwirtschaft (ZSL), Germany

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Lectures & Articles

Oct 7 2010 (14:00) – Opening Session

Welcome and introduction

  • Prof. Yoshitsugu Hayashi (Nagoya University, Graduate School of Environmental Sciences &Chair of Academic Advisory Group to the Aichi Nagoya COP10 CBD Promotion Committee), Japan
  • Lim Li Ching (Third World Network), Malaysia
  • Dr. Angelika Hilbeck (ENSSER Chairperson &ETH Zürich), Switzerland

Oct 7 (14:45) – Key Note Lectures

Outlook on the Fifth Meeting of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (MOP5)
Christine von Weizsäcker (VDW), Germany
(text of lecture)

Maize Native Landraces, Transgenic Maize, Food Security and Cultural Conflicts in México
Prof. Antonio Turrent Fernández (INIFAP & UCCS), Mexico
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India’s Bt Brinjal: From the Supreme Court to Science in Public Debate
Aruna Rodrigues (Petitioner at the Supreme Court), India
(short paper EN JP)

Assessing Systemic Risks – A Holistic Concept
Dr. Broder Breckling (University of Vechta), Germany
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Oct 8 (09:00) – Risk Assessment – An Appraisal of Current Approaches

Sound Science – Assessment of Applications sent to the European Food Safety Authority
Dr. Andreas Heissenberger (Umweltbundesamt – Environment Agency, Austria), Austria
(short paper EN JP)

Bt Crops – Controversies Around the Science Necessary for Risk Assessment
Dr. Angelika Hilbeck (ETH Zürich), Switzerland
(short paper EN JP)

GM Maize and Glyphosate-Based Herbicides – Health Studies
Prof. Gilles-Eric Séralini (University of Caen), France
(short paper EN JP)

Transgenic Fish – How to Assess Contained Use Applications
Prof. Antonietta Guitiérrez (University of Lima), Peru
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Oct 8 (14:00) – Ecological Risk Research – From Organisms to Landscapes

GE Viruses – Environmental Challenges
Prof. Terje Traavik (GenØk – Center for Biosafety), Norway
(short paper EN JP)

Spread of Herbicide-Tolerant Canola in Japan
Prof. Masaharu Kawata (Yokkaichi University), Japan
(short paper EN JP)

Transgene Flow in Small-Scale Systems – Ghana as Model
Dr. Denis Worlanyo Aheto (University of Cape Coast), Ghana
(short paper EN JP)

GM Gene Flow in South African Commercial Maize Cultivation
Prof. Chris Viljoen (Free State University), South Africa
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Oct 9 (09:00) – Reality Checks

Patenting Genes and Plants: Intellectual Property Rights Transform Research and Agricultural Innovation
M. Phil. Lim Li Ching (Third World Network), Malaysia
(short paper EN JP)

Evaluating the Contribution of Genetically Engineered Traits to Crop Yield: Adoption or Alternatives for Agricultural Policy?
Dr. David Quist (GenØk – Center for Biosafety), Norway
in cooperation with Dr. Doug Gurian-Sherman (Union of Concerned Scientists), USA
(short paper EN JP)

Bt-Resistant Target Pests – Quick Occurrence in South Africa
Prof. Johnnie van den Berg (North-West University), South Africa
(short paper EN JP)

Environmental and Agronomic Issues of GE Soy in South America
Prof. Walter A. Pengue (University of General Sarmiento, Buenos Aires), Argentina
(short paper EN JP)

Hope not Hype: The Future of Agriculture
Prof. Jack A. Heinemann (University of Canterbury), New Zealand
(short paper EN JP)