Book “Beyond Climate Fixes: From Public Controversy to System Change”

Political elites have been evading the causes of climate change through deceptive fixes. Their market-type instruments such as carbon trading aim to incentivise technological innovation which will supposedly decarbonize or replace dominant high-carbon systems. In practice this techno-market framework has perpetuated climate change and social injustices, thus provoking public controversy. Using this opportunity, social movements have counterposed low-carbon, resource-light, socially just alternatives. Such transformative mobilisations can fulfil the popular slogan, ‘System Change Not Climate Change’. This book develops key critical concepts through case studies such as GM crops, biofuels, waste incineration and Green New Deal agendas.

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This short article summarizes points from the book:

Technofixes or solidaristic commoning?
Our climate strategy must combat the ‘technofixes-plus-markets’ fraud
The Ecologist, March 2023,